'Big Brother' recap: Singled Out

Break out the Ouzo! Not in celebration of the fact that poor Dominic was evicted, but because, watching Thursday night's Big Brother, I could have sworn the housemate was Greek. That is, a Greek chorus. I love me a good Big Brother screaming match or needlessly painful competition, but there's nothing quite as awesome as a player willing to insult every other cast member on his way out the door. And, on Thursday night, Dominic did it right, saying what we all at home have been thinking over the past few weeks: "We all suck at this game," he said, after labeling them all "spineless jellyfish." "If I had a player or someone that had a spine to play with me, aside from the last week, I think there would be a game being played, and not what it is right now." Opa! Read More...



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