‘Project Runway,’ Season 9 Premiere, ‘Come as You Are’: TV Recap

ZOMG. It’s Season 9 of Project Runway. We’ve got hillbilly truckers. We’ve got pretty, pretty princesses. We’ve got more rompers than you can shake with a Mood tape measure.

We begin with 20 designers but only 16 will be in. Four are booted before it even begins! Will there be a Santino Rice? A Daniel Vosovic? An Uli Herzner (what, you don’t remember her fabulous print/pattern sense for hot climates?) We realize none of the people we just mentioned actually WON their Project Runway seasons, but we hearted them all and their Red Lobster routines.

A moment now, to let us all forget last season, in which the horrid, awful she-who-should-not-have won, did win. Over Mondo. It was the wrong that rang round the world. We will not talk of it again unless forced to discuss.

Let’s go! We are not recapping the pre-premiere PR tryouts. Here’s the quick summary: bitchnattiness, shrugs literal and emotional, sob stories galore (AIDS, testicular cancer, poor, gay, mom died, etc.) and American Idol-like examples of people who should never sew anything besides a hem. Seth Aaron did some of the tryout judging and he’s got some weird bad hair going on, and not in a good Christian Siriano way. I think he also started wearing eyeliner as part of his mid-life crisis, and that’s never a good fashion choice. SethA, you are not part of Duran Duran. Read More...



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