Louie Recap: He Gave Her His Heart, She Gave Him a Bath

With a show as tonally erratic and narratively elastic as Louie, it can be hard to find themes connecting one episode to the next. But after last night’s installment, I think we can safely divine at least one central idea for season two: Namely, that Louis C.K. really has it in for the homeless. In the last month and a half, he’s shown them losing their heads in traffic, getting abducted by the government, and, in last night’s opening "Subway" segment, washing their asses in public. Though I’m guessing it’s not his intent to be cruel, C.K.’s bum-bashing has become a weirdly insistent, quickly diminishing go-to punch line. What happened to the upbeat portrayals of homelessness — your Fisher Kings, your Oscar the Grouches? Read More...



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