Movie Review: The Guard Is Dirty, Bloody Fun

Theaters may be crowded with dirty-mouthed crime flicks, but there can never be enough films as well-acted, explosively funny, and tightly executed as John Michael McDonagh’s Irish crime flick The Guard, which boasts the latest in a brilliant string of performances by bastard-with-a-brogue specialist Brendan Gleeson.

Fans of Gleeson — of which there should be many more — will recognize that he’s reprising many of the same nasty melodies he played so viciously, and very recently, in the Irish gangster flicks Perrier’s Bounty and In Bruges, the latter of which was written and directed by John Michael’s more famous brother Martin McDonagh, who executive produces here. Rambling around the dank coastal area of Connemara, Gleeson’s Sargeant Gerry Boyle is hard-drinking, pill-popping, fatalistic cop with a taste for role-playing prostitutes, and a sick mother who needs his care. His bleak and black-hearted sense of humor primarily involves degrading, belittling, or slyly taunting everyone around him. Gleeson is a blaspheming, kinky Fatty Arbuckle with a chip on his shoulder. Read More...


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