WILFRED “Conscience” Review

WILFRED "Conscience" Season 1 Episode 6 – WILFRED is a strange show. While I really enjoy it, I often find myself watching it and asking things like: "Why? Why am I watching a show with a grown man dressed as a dog talking to Frodo
from Lord of the Rings?"… That’s what happened this week.

While "Conscience" wasn’t a horrible (or even a remotely bad) episode, it just didn’t tickle my fancy the way the previous weeks have.

Ryan is stuck when Jenna’s boyfriend Drew (Chris Klein) comes back into town. Not only does he have to see the two of them together constantly, he has Wilfred in his ear, conspiring about plans to "destroy" Drew. At first Ryan resists (Wilfred’s plan to hit Drew over the head with a rock was a bit much), but after sometime decides that challenging Drew to a competitive game of ping pong may be the best way for Jenna to see his true colors. Read More...



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