The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Spoilers: The Originals, New Guest Stars & Episode Details

We got a few spoilers for the third season of The Vampire Diaries from the Comic-Con press room and panel (read more here), but there are more to be read!  To keep you up to date, we've put together a little spoiler round-up.

The Originals

It's no secret that we'll be learning more about Klaus and Elijah's family of original vampires in season 3, but EW has gotten a few more details from Joseph Morgan as to exactly what kind of information we'll be getting on this family: "We get a chance to go back and see the point where they became vampires and where the curse was placed on Klaus to suppress his hybrid nature, his hybrid side.  It’ll be interesting when we introduce other originals who are possibly equally as powerful or have some sort of emotional hold over Klaus … to see what that brings out of him." Read More...


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