Friday’s episode of TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY had a lot of good spying … and a lot of bad spying. As the Torchwood team relocated from Washington to Los Angeles, they had to tie up loose ends and start fresh on the west coast. Unfortunately, the cross-country trip was mired in danger after Esther made some bad decisions, and it was one close call after another for the team.

We started the episode with Esther trying to visit her sister and nieces before leaving DC; unfortunately, her shut-in sister has locked herself and the girls inside of their boarded-up house. It’s bad news for Esther’s family, but it’s even worse news for Esther, who is unknowingly being tailed by PhiCorp henchmen. Bad guys follow the team to LA, who continue to traipse around the city not knowing they’re in the shadow of the enemy. Read More...


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