'Big Brother 13': Who does Daniele nominate?


We pick things up with the "Big Brother 13" houseguests with the Head of Household competition. Nobody except Daniele was particularly sad to evict Dominic - but guess who wins HOH? Daniele. Nice.Post-HOH compThe Veterans are sweating, of course. They know Dani is after them. Brendon and Jeff compare going to her HOH room to either A) going to your ex's house or B) being on death row. Rachel also says "usually people are excited" Hmph. Sure, I bet everybody was really excited to see your HOH room.Dani and J&J come to an understanding that she won't put them up this week, but they can't put her up next week.*President Obama announcement*When we return, Adam is the chain-smoking elf. Hahaha, that's amazing. The Have-Nots get Seaweed and Sardines and while the spread production put on display in the house probably smells terrible, seaweed and sardines is really not bad.Brendon and Rachel try to patch things...



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