'True Blood': Eric and Sookie - new couple alert?


Oh, what tangled webs we weave on "True Blood." With Bill being the Vampire King of Louisiana, Sookie having dumped him once she found out he was sent to procure her for Sophie-Anne then disappearing for a year and Eric having his memory zapped by the witches and shacking up at Sookie's house, we all knew this was coming, right?But Sunday night (July 31), Sookie and Eric finally acted upon the seasons worth of sexual tension and chemistry we've seen them exhibit. In a moonlit, sweaty tumble, no less. So what does this mean?Is this a new couple alert? Are they together now? Will it end up being like Sookie's Gran said - temporary? If I had to bet, I'd bet on Gran. When the witches replace Eric's memories, will he remember this time with Sookie? And if he does, will that make him even harsher than before, after having shown so much care and...



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