Recap: 'Big Brother' has a brand new HOH -- and the house is in turmoil

So, the big twist we’ve all been waiting for… is that everyone’s playing individually? Seriously, Big Brother, this is called phoning it in. But it seems that, as feeble as that so-called twist might be, the house is being thrown into crazy-ass chaos anyway, so I can't complain too much.

The HOH competition is yet another boring test of upper body strength and viewer patience. And, as usual, the stakes are very, very high. At least, that's what the hamsters tell us, every damn week. Daniele has to win this HOH. Jeff has to win this HOH. Kalia has to win this HOH. Shelly has to win this HOH. Blah, blah, blah. Okay, in some cases, it's true. Daniele really does need to win HOH, because if the Jeff/Jordan/Rachel/Brendon block does win, it's pretty likely she's a target. But Shelly just wants to get a letter from her kid. She wants to win, but I'm not sure she has the ax-murderer level drive necessary to cling to a wall for hours on end while your lower body seems to do that ab workout Elizabeth Hasselbeck pimps in infomercials. Read More...


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