'Breaking Bad' - 'Open House': Makin' it rain

A review of tonight's "Breaking Bad" coming up just as soon as  I get a lifetime supply of french manicures and enzyme peels... "The devil is in the details." -SkylerLast week found most our characters stuck in a state of stasis, with Walt's plan to assassinate Gus not working out, Skyler appearing to blow her big move with Bogdan and the car wash, Hank still being a less-than-model patient, etc. 

With "Open House," we see some characters finally get moving a bit. Skyler finally figures out how to make Bogdan an offer he can't refuse - and not in a Luca Brasi way, because "We do not do that." And Hank - whether out of boredom with his new lifestyle or a desire to get out of the house and away from Marie's problems - picks up Gale's notebook and almost immediately sees the connection between this murder victim and Heisenberg.  Read More...



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