Recap: 'True Blood' - 'I Wish I Was The Moon'

Breaking news from the city of Bon Temps: Sookie is just the most beautiful thing ever! Prettier than even the most well-stacked Viking lass bearing two gallon-tankards of mead, right Eric Northman? Eric? Hey! Eric! Stop making out with Sookie and answer me! Oh no! Here comes His Majesty King Vampire Bill running all fast and crashing into Sookie’s house and breaking up the bloodsucker-on-Tinkerbell romance! Bill arrests Eric in connection with this nebulous necromancy business. Sookie gets all pissy but can’t do anything.

Eric is put into the same vampire hoosegow slammer as Pam. Poor Pam. She looks like she escaped from the set of the Valley of the Dolls of the Living Dead. Pam reminds Eric that he’s supposed to be an undead sociopath, not this hapless happy dip who thinks he loves people. Ergo, Eric needs to start mannin’ up and bustin’ heads. Eric demurs. He insists he wants to be a good vampire now, a nice one that shags fairies instead of draining them. This news vexes Pam greatly. Read More...


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