'The Bachelorette' recap: The Men Tell AWOL

Happy Monday, rose lovers! I'm a little discombobulated what with this crazy schedule. Also, slightly dismayed that I will be recapping FIVE HOURS of The Bachelorettethis week (between Men Tell All, the finale, andAfter the Final Rose)... but fear not, my dedication to you -- and to ridiculing this show that I simply cannot stop watching -- will never wane. Let's pound some Red Bull and get to it!

Harrison greets the adoring crowd in the Tea Light Thunderdome with his standard hyperbole -- "This season has been one of the most controversial and talked about seasons of The Bachelorette ever" -- and then gets right to the point: Bentley -- WTF? "Why didn't Ashley see him for who he really is? Why didn't the show tell Ashley what Bentley was really saying about her?" Good questions Chris! Can't wait to hear the answers... What's that? Not yet? First we have to walk down Flashback/Filler Lane with Ashley? Fine. [Deep sigh] At least we get to see some never-before-aired clips of Jeff the Mask doing domestic chores like vacuuming, trimming the hedges, washing his hands after using the rest room. When Harrison does broach the subject of Bentley, Ashley gives the answers we've all heard before -- she never saw that side of him, he "played" her, he just wanted to "win," and she's "hurt" that people were so "negative" about her monumental obtuseness. Read More....



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