Leverage Review: "The Carnvial Job"

We get to see exactly how very good Nate and the team can be, when a young girl is kidnapped in the middle of a job in this week’s episode  "The Carnvial Job."

I’m calling this an "Eliot episode" if there ever was one! While there was some great interaction between Hardison and Parker, we’ve not seen as much ass-kicking being done by (and to) Eliot in a single episode in a long time.

Was it just me or did anyone else adore the relationship that Eliot formed with Molly and how protective he felt for her?

While we have seen Eliot softer side before, this time it was more paternal or big brotherly than it was previously. It makes me think that Eliot might make a good father, a scary and deadly father.  Read More...



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