LEVERAGE “The Carnival Job” Review

LEVERAGE "The Carnival Job" Season 4 Episode 6 – It has taken quite a while but finally we have an Eliot-centric episode of Leverage, the first, really, of the season. And I gotta say, it was worth the wait. When the Leverage team are called to steal a hi-tech gadget that controls like, everything, back from a bigshot CEO, they find themselves in a moral quandary when their initial investigation makes them realize that the CEO is not greedy, but a man dealing with grief by lashing out at others after the death of his wife. The only person who is not on the receiving end of his anger is his young daughter, whom he generally tries to ignore.

There was a line early on which I thought interesting: "I thought we were supposed to hate the bad guys" and it’s something Leverage has done quite well: setting themselves up as the righteous heroes against caricature villains, generally CEOs, is a trademark of the show. Sometimes it works-who doesn’t love a caricature villain, like the one Michael Gladis so gleefully embodied a few weeks ago? But it is also one of Leverages weaknesses, and why the shows’ various attempts to heighten the stakes never work, because you always know that the characters are never in real danger. Read More...



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