THE BACHELORETTE (2011) “The Men Tell All” (Season 7 Episode 10) Review

THE BACHELORETTE (2011) "The Men Tell All" (Season 7 Episode 10) – I should have just assumed the men of The Bachelorette wouldn’t be nearly as catty (or even as entertaining) as the women ofThe Bachelor.

But I really thought that once the subject of BENTLEY—ahhhh, BENTLEY!—came up, they’d be ready to diss and diss hard.

Uh, no. Actually. "My manhood is in my stomach!" Mickey squeaked at one point during the season review, and that’s pretty much where it stayed for all of the BENTLEY business. Most of them crossed their legs, primly, like good little ladyboys, and sniffed. What a terrible man he was! How rude!

It wasn’t until Chris Harrison dragged (kicking and screaming I’m sure) Michelle Money up onto stage—playing the role of level-headed psychoanalyst of all things—that we got some sort of truth: Most girls, Ashley included, just can’t stay away from the bad boys. Duh. "I was thinking that me sending Ashley that warning actually made things worse." Well sure it did. For Ash. Not for us! We loved every pitiful, sobby moment. Read More...


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