ENTOURAGE “Out With A Bang” Season 8 Episode 2 Review

ENTOURAGE "Out With A Bang" Season 8 Episode 2 – I may start all my reviews with a disclaimer, since some of the people who’ve followed me from Winter-Is-Coming or Gestalt Mash (Boomtron!) to here have written me more than once regarding this: I review shows, I don’t provide a line-for-line synopsis. If you haven’t seen the episode of the show in question (tonight’s Entourage for example), you may not understand the entire review. I appreciate any following (all 3 of you) (and mom), but you may not get every joke without the source material (for good or ill) already viewed.

Anyway. On with the show!

"Out With A Bang" was a better episode than the last one, which gives me hope that Doug Ellin and Marky Mark and co. will be able to end Entourage with a bang. It still had its flaws, don’t get me wrong—the sitcom-style opening scene, for one, was dated by about 30 years, and I half expected a laugh track and applause to accompany each character as they entered, along with maybe Jack Tripper or Lenny or Squiggy. But overall the pacing was much better. Snappier. The writing (credit to Ally Musika) was quick-witted and had some nice pop; there seemed to be a good synergy between Musika’s stuff and Doug Ellin’s direction tonight. It didn’t linger anywhere overlong. Read More...



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