FALLING SKIES “What Hides Beneath” Review

FALLING SKIES "What Hides Beneath" Season 1, Episode 8 – This week’s episode of Falling Skiesstarts off with the exciting news that the resistance is finally organized to the point where they believe they can launch a successful attack against the main Skitter hub. Porter drops into the 2nd Mass giving them a four day timeline to prepare for the offensive and since they’re in need of some serious explosives, they turn to Pope for help. While Pope is not normally a team player, there are few things in their occupied world that motivate him more than his desire to utterly destroy the Skitters.

At such a crucial stage in the fight, Weaver seems to have hit his breaking point. His exhaustion inhibits his ability to block his painful memories and he becomes distracted and impulsive. We finally get filled in on the details about Weaver’s family and the tragic way in which they died. I’m not sure why Weaver’s back story had to remain a mystery for so long but now that he doesn’t have to carry that burden in secret, I’m hoping his relationship with both the civilians and the fighters will improve. Read More...



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