HAVEN “Love Machine” Review

HAVEN "Love Machine" Season 2, Episode 3 – For obvious reasons, this episode of Haven reminded me of one of my favorite camp horror films, Maximum Overdrive. As a child, the sight of harmless inanimate objects suddenly coming to life to wreak havoc was terrifying, but as an adult it has become one of my favorite phenomenons in camp horror and sci-fi. It is difficult to throw in the idea of machines coming to life with murderous intent without the entire story seeming like a big joke, but Havenactually did a really good job with it in this episode.

For starters, they didn’t let you believe that it was the machines alone that were responsible for thedeaths in Haven until the very end of the Trouble-of-the-week reveal. The thought of a human mind manipulating machines with deadly force is arguably more sinister than crazy machines acting on their own. It helped that both Nathan and Audrey had addressed and then dismissed the idea of the machines acting independently so as far as the viewer was concerned, there was a single unknown suspect behind the gruesome accidents that were afflicting the community near the docks. Read More...



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