'Big Brother' recap: The Elf That Roared, The Outsider That Scored

Can't say I didn't see that coming. Brenchel have been asking for it since Day 1, and they had to know that their posturing as power players would land them on the sights of anyone outside of their alliance as soon as (s)he got a shot. Then again, you have to account for sheer hubris. No matter how much Rachel whines and wails and weeps about how everybody hates her, you kind of get the sense that she thinks she's invincible. Well tonight changed that. Brenchel took a hit square in the forehead.

Tonight's MVP was Lawon, hands down. After all my grousing last week, that silly man really won me over. He showed a vulnerability and depth beyond expectations when he told a wonderful story about his coming out. In particular, when he came out to his grandmother, the person he was most concerned would shun him. Instead, she told him she'd always known he was gay and told him to be "the best black gay man" he could be and live his life to the fullest. These kind of affirmation stories never get old. He also said that he's playing this game to be the voice of gays and lesbians, young or old, who feel like they can't express themselves. With that in mind, were you happy to finally get to know Lawon? Since Jordan was part of this conversation, do you think it'll have any effect on Jeff? Didn't his very personal, real-life story make all the posturing, manipulations, and petty gripes on the show suddenly seem completely insignificant? Read More...



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