'True Blood' recap: Catch and Release

In last week's recap, I said Sookie sleeping with Eric would be even sexier if Bill knew it was happening. And it was -- but not for the reason I anticipated. It wasn't the added joy of revenge I felt watching the episode's final moment, it was the knowledge that the love triangle at the center of the show would remain interesting. Just when you felt comfortable disliking Bill because he lied and told Nan that Eric didn't understand his place in the vampire world or recognize the authority so he could get a true death warrant, he did something fair and merciful -- he let Eric go. He believed Eric truly loved Sookie and that he wanted her to be happy whether it was with him or Bill. Bill letting Eric go proved that he loved Sookie, too. They're both worthy of her at the moment -- and so the triangle is finally a juicy isosceles. (That could be the first time "juicy" and "isosceles" have ever appeared next to each other in a sentence.) Read More...



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