Naruto Season 3 Episode 61 Ultimate Defense: Zero Blind Spot! Episode Recap

The episode starts off when Iruka was in the teacher's lounge and grading some stuff. At some point, he stands up and looks out at the window and worries about Naruto since he is fighting Neji Hyuga. Out on the battle arena, Kabuto kills an ANBU

All of Naruto's clones futilely attempt to attack Neji. Neji moves past all the clones and hits appears to hit Naruto in the heart. The Naruto starts coughing up blood and all the clones start to disappear. Everyone in the audience starts to think it was over (Hinata starts to cough). Naruto is revealed to be a clone and the clone immediately disappears. Neji was immediately surprised, and finds a clone Naruto and the real Naruto behind him, clenching their fists to punch.

Both Narutos take a hit at Neji, but they only realize that they hit chakra and suddenly, Neji uses Eight Trigrams Palms Heavenly Spin and repels the two Narutos. Hinata was suddenly surprised at the move and coughed even more than last time. Hanabi asks his father of what happened, Hiashi only replies that Neji had used the Eight Trigrams Palms Heavenly Spin. Naruto uses Shadow Clone Technique again and made 4 clones. The clones circled around Neji and charged at him again, but to only be repelled by Neji's Rotation

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