‘The Closer,’ Season 7, Episode 4, ‘Under Control’: TV Recap

The show opens with a woman frantically yelling for her son, Eric, as she runs around a suburban neighborhood.

Then the camera cuts to a desk covered with papers and photos from the Shootin’ Newton murders. The camera cuts back and forth between the frantic mom and the paperwork until the camera finally sticks with the mom. (I guess they call that foreshadowing.)

It turns out her nine-year-old son is missing. He was supposed to ride his bike to the summer camp around the corner but never made it. As the divorced mother and father argue at the camp over whose fault it is that their son is missing, an older kid who is a counselor at the camp pipes up that his dad has driven up and he is a cop. Maybe he can help.

Lt. Tao arrives and begins asking questions. It turns out that Eric’s mom has a boyfriend, who the detectives decide to check out back at the kid’s house while a search for the kid gets under way.

Back at Major Crimes Capt. Raydor interviews Brenda, whose paper-strewn desk we have been looking at, and says the interview will be informal but still encourages her to get a lawyer for the investigation. Read More...



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