Basketball Wives: On and On and On and On...and On

Was it just me or did this week's Basketball Wives kinda sorta feel like a rerun?

I don't know if it's because we're just entering the home stretch of this season or if I may just be too into the thought of the spin-off, but we had yet another go-around with some plots that have been hanging over the heads of the Wives like messy guillotines ready to chop up a lacefront or two. Perhaps we should be applauding the show for having some serialization and reality (or a reasonable facsimile) to it, but I just kept feeling like we've seen all of this 100 times before.

Afflicted with the strongest case of "get on with it!" syndrome is the continued dance of Royce and Jennifer, a sort of awkward slow dance between two middle school kids that stay more than a comfortable distance apart. For those who may have forgotten (or chosen to use the space in their brain for more important things), Jennifer hates Royce because Royce apparently talked a lot of trash about her on Twitter and now she's in talks with Eric to star in his movie. (Shut up, just go with it.) Not exaggerating, my notes for tonight included the phrase "Y'ALL AIN'T FRIENDS" about 5-6 times because seriously, you can't invoke girl code, bro code, or kitty kode on someone that you're not friends with. I know I've said this a lot during the course of this show, but it baffles me that Jennifer can, with a straight face, chastise someone she's not friends with for having a conversation with her ex-husband, even if there's a deeper root to the problem. Read More...


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