Dragonaut The Resonance Complete Series Review Part 1

A consumer advocate once said, if you irradiate poop, it will be sterile, but it's still poop. That line could pretty much apply to Dragonaut: The Resonance, too. Although it does try to doctor up its content with CG-laden battles, fan service, and some attempts at more involved characterization, those are not sufficient to overcome the fact that the series is, at heart, a pile of crap.

Actually, the first half of the series does offer a bit of worthwhile content. Having the mecha actually be people that the pilots can have varying different types of relationships with is an interesting (if hardly original) notion, and the obsessive behaviors of some characters can be interesting to a point; that Kazuki lets his obsession devolve him into such a maniacal bastard over losing Gio that he cannot recognize and appreciate the much better option he has at hand is the series' strongest plot point. A couple of the character designs (Akira, Tao) are easy enough on the eyes and this stretch does offer one major (if possibly predictable) plot twist. This and the fan service is apparently enough for Funimation to justify licensing the title and think that enough people will watch it to be worth dubbing it.

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