WAREHOUSE 13 “Queen for a Day” Review

WAREHOUSE 13 "Queen for a Day" Season 3 Episode 4 – Oh, WAREHOUSE 13, I love you. I can always count on you to make me laugh, and to fulfill that sci-fi geek part of me that needs fulfilling each week.

On Warehouse 13 this week, Pete’s (Eddie McClintock) ex wife shows up at Leena’s looking for Pete. Queue Myka (Joanne Kelly) entering and talking (loudly) about an artifact that she’d been retrieving, setting it on an end table, and thus sets the course for the entire episode.

The artifact is a beehive that once belonged to a female pharaoh. When the bee that was in the hive stung her, it released pheromones which made all of her subjects treat her like – you guessed it – a queen bee. Well, Amanda (Pete’s ex) knocks the bee into her purse, and viola! She gets stung. Read More...



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