THE CLOSER “Under Control” Review

THE CLOSER "Under Control" Season 7 Episode 4 – One of the best things about this television show, something which sets it apart from the loaded pack of procedurals swamping television, is the care the show takes with laying out a case. Week after week, season after season, the show’s dealings with cases which can be heartbreaking or absurd, provide plenty of intrigue. Whereas on other shows the perpetrator is figured out fairly quickly, The Closer takes its time to set up a plausible motive. It is not afraid to get down and dirty with the darkness of the human psyche, and it’s a better show for it.

The scene where Johnson goes to get a briefing from the pathologist right after he’s finished performing an autopsy on a nine year old boy (Eric, the victim of the week) was sickening and haunting. CSI’s pathologist was always super cold and callous, and working in such a job I’m sure that would be the norm in that particular profession: but there have to be cases which really hit the nerves, and that scene, as the pathologist slinks down to the floor, not quite upset, not at all angry, just resigned to the sickness of the whole ordeal, was a touch of brilliance. And it’s those touches of brilliance which are sorely lacking in other procedurals. Read More...


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