THE BIG C “The Little c” Review

THE BIG C "The Little c" Season 2 Episode 6 – This was without a doubt my favorite episode of this season, proof that this season has vastly improved over the first, proof that the show’s concept, a woman dealing with cancer and the effect it has on her and her family, can actually work without we, the audience, turning around and hating the character for insipid self-pity, which, warranted as it may be, is just no fun to watch.

Instead, this season has shown Cathy fighting back, and this episode exemplified her determined resolution in seeking strength, in using up her life for enjoyment. So she takes on the responsibilities of coaching a girl’s swim team. I’ve long been a fan of sports in entertainment, from the days of The Mighty Ducks to Friday Night Lights, you give me a team to cheer and I’ll holler the roof off, so while I understand that this swim team is a prism through which Cathy can face both the struggles of cancer and outside expectations, I’m delighted, no, I’m ecstatic, that the show decided to make it a swim team, filled with pressure parents and teen girls who are probably more concerned with gaining a sports scholarship than pitying Cathy’s cancer. Plus, it doesn’t feel contrived: it fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was one of the main goals of the showrunner and creator from the get go, though it could just be a serendipitous coincidence with the metaphorical opening credits (which, by the way, I love). Read More...


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