THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGERS "Dancing With The Stars" Season 4 Episode 8 – Ricky has to deal with the fallout of his mother’s binge session while waylaying Amy’s pleas to take her to the senior dance. Meanwhile, Ben is successfully putting off Adrian’s fertilization plans, despite the ploys of cheap candles and sober nightdresses, Tom is playing Cupid for the woman and her children living with him and Grace, her boyfriend and her mother have decided to abstain from sex. It’s all a mass of hypocritical contrivances, awkward, politically correct plot lines and some truly worrying Tea Party-esque sexism which makes The Secret Life of the American Teenager some of the most truly cringe worthy television on right now.

Grace’s boyfriend, Daniel, is an insulting excuse for a character. What self-respecting guy listens to his girlfriends mother-nay, not only listen, but conspires with his girlfriend’s mother to keep her from having sex with him? This guy is the biggest wimp ever. It’s not that he wants to abstain from having sex with her (again, since apparently they already got down and dirty in Africa) but it’s that he abstains from having sex with her because her mother asked him not to. That’s not a character. That’s a PTA blowtorch. Why does he keep bringing up marriage? Why did he suddenly flip at the dance and ask Grace if she wanted to have sex? Why did Grace suddenly say no? Is this the secret of the American teenager? Turn on MTV at any time of the day and I think you’ll see this is not the case. Read More...


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