TEEN WOLF “Co-Captain” Review

TEEN WOLF "Co-Captain" Season 1 Episode 10 - Scott is pulled in all directions, trying to protect his acquaintances from being turned into wolf food or into wolf. For the most part, he is completely on top of his game in tonight’s TEEN WOLF, until he fails to move out of the way of the "Hale of bullets." Peter is deliciously sinister as he tries to convince Scott to join his pack. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Jackson is also trying to convince Scott to fully transform him into wolf. But by the end of "Co-Captain" he is only revealed as a scaredy-cat.

Jackson and Scott: "You have all this power and don’t know what to do with it." And Jackson does? I can only imagine what Jackson would do with his wolf powers, if he ever gets them. I tend to find him irritating, but I am starting to warm to the character of Jackson. I want to find out more about his story, his past and how it relates to the Hales’ house and the fire. Above all, why did he dream about the house? Read More...



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