THE BACHELORETTE (2011) Season Finale (Season 7 Episode 10) Review

THE BACHELORETTE (2011) Season Finale (Season 7 Episode 10) – "I’m easily influenced by my family," Ashley said meekly, even though we already know her M.O. is to completely do whatever the hell she’s not supposed to do. Way to give J.P. even MORE ammo, Biker Sis.

Ah, Biker Sis. We’ve so missed you and your gaudy flaming chest tattoo, and really, you did not disappoint. Not in THIS episode, at any rate (the "After the Final Rose" show was another thing entirely—and I will cover that in my review of that show). You strode forth, angry and full of wrath that this damnable show was not only invading your life yet again (and you weren’t the center of attention as you clearly think you are meant to be), but was forcing you to go to Fiji of all places. The sun! THE SUNNN…! Read More...


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