SWITCHED AT BIRTH “Paradise Lost” Review

SWITCHED AT BIRTH "Paradise Lost" Season 1 Episode 9 - Regina suffers the repercussions of her actions, but handles the situation admirably after coming out from hiding. Last week onSWITCHED AT BIRTH, I was having a hard time understanding the extent of Daphne’s anger. She, along with everyone else, is angry at being lied to by Regina. This is reasonable. But you would think Daphne would appreciate Regina’s efforts in raising her through her teen years, even if concealing the switch was selfish. As tonight’s episode "Paradise Lost" continued, it became clear that Daphne’sanger stems from fear of losing her familiar place in life. And in a sense, she has. She has also symbolically lost a person whom she considered to be a permanent support and anchor in her life.

I started the episode perfectly annoyed with both Daphne and Bay. I think if anyone has the right to be angry it’s Kathryn. Yet she is the voice of reason again, realizing that Daphne needs Regina and that she is lucky to have two daughters. She is the first one to take a step toward accepting Regina, purely out of wanting to help Daphne. Aahh, a mother’s love! But baby steps, Hardass with a J still can’t get over what he views as a loss, not a gain. For a while, it is the same with Daphne and Bay. Feeling betrayed, Daphne acts stubborn and proud, and refuses to even attempt to reconcile with Regina. And Bay seemed to me to be completely wallowing in self-pity. Sure her anger is justified but it came off to me as petulance. What irritates me is that both girls led wonderful lives, despite not knowing the truth. They just seem to temporarily forget this. Read More...



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