DROP DEAD DIVA “Closure” Review

DROP DEAD DIVA "Closure" Season 3 Episode 6 - This week Jane lands a two week stint working for the DA’s office. She’s assigned an eight year old case that seems to finally be close to prosecution, but Jane almost immediately finds evidence that clears the prime suspect. The hunt for a new prime suspect is on – but will she be able to uncover new evidence?

Jane learns that new evidence is unnecessary. It’s missing old evidence that will break the case, or more importantly, a witness that has been wiped out of the records. Jane talks to the witness andlearns that the son of a powerful businessman dreamed about committing the murder – and that Jane’s temporary boss and ex-love interest, Alan, made the witness’ statement disappear.

Arresting the businessman’s son for the crime seems to have brought the case to another possible prosecution – but Jane realises that she was wrong again. It was the businessman himself who committed the murder. The son is released, the businessman is arrested, and Alan comes to tell Jane the news. But Jane tells Alan that she knows he turned a blind eye in hopes of getting on the businessman’s good side, and she gives him an ultimatum: resign or be exposed. Oh, and now she knows why their relationship didn’t work out. Read More...



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