The Bachelorette Episode Recap: The Final Rose

On this week's finale of The BacheloretteAshley handed out her final rose. It's hard to believe that in the last few weeks we've seen her fall for the villainous Bentley, be humiliated by a disingenuous roast, and see two men leave on their own accord. But it's all worth it, Ashley says, as she's found the man she wants to marry.

Ashley says she's so excited to get engaged in the South Pacific and thinks Fiji is the perfect place to do it. She meets her family and tells them a little about J.P. and Ben before it's time to get the family introductions started.  J.P. arrives first and he tells them how successful it was when Ashley met his family in New York, but the joy is short-lived when Ashley's sister Chrystie pelts the couple with tough questions. After not liking both J.P. and Ashley's answer to one of them, Chrystie writes J.P. off and tells Ashley, "I don't think he's the one ... I think you're too much for him." Ashley cries and says she's crushed by her sister's opinion.

Chrystie continues her storm of skepticism by telling J.P. she doesn't see the two together. "At first glance and seeing you together, I don't see it," she says. He says he wants her and the family to know he's 100 percent in love with Ashley, but Chrystie also questions what he wants with her "much younger" sister. J.P. is stunned as Chrystie says she expected to see more of a connection. "So you're saying if I proposed you wouldn't be happy about it?" he asks.

When it's Ben's turn to meet the family, Ashley acts extra goofy around him, but I'm not sure it's because of Ben or because she's trying to prove something to her sister. It's time for Chrystie to interrogate Ben and she asks if Ashley is the woman he wants to be with.  Ben says he's in love with Ashley and is ready to propose. Chrystie is definitely on Team Ben. Read More...


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