One Piece Season 10, Episode 426: The Golden Lion's Ambitions Review

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While the story of Impel Down has certainly been stretched out as most One Piece arcs are, this episode shifts gears completely by presenting us with the start of a side story meant to set the stage for the movie that's due out in Japan in a few weeks. The ties to the current storyline are indeed there though as the man who escaped from Impel Down, Golden Lion Shiki, is the seeming central focus of the movie in dealing with the East Blue and something going on there. That said, the current storyline in One Piece is nowhere to be found and instead presents this as something that has happened a few days before current events.

The episode is pretty slim all told in what it's actually trying to do. The Straw Hat gang is all starved once again as they've had numerous banquets before reaching the next island so they're running out of food, even though their stomachs are quite full. There's some urgency to it but it has a very non-threatening feeling to all of it. So when the gang is fishing and they capture quite a large fish, their emotions overtake them when a giant flying insect from a nearby island swoops in and steals it. That is all the incentive needed for Luffy to want to make it a member of the crew, much to everyone else's dismay.

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