'Take the Money and Run': Someone actually cracks under the fake pressure


So the premise of "Take the Money and Run" is that a pair of people get a briefcase with $100,000 inside. They have an hour to hide it anywhere in their city. Then some real investigators have 48 hours to find the money. If they find it, the investigators keep it. If it stays hidden, the pair keeps it. The rules of the investigation are that the investigators get access to the pair's cellphones, any receipts they acquire during the hiding period and the GPS coordinates from their vehicle.The premiere pair were the Bustamante brothers Raul and Paul in San Francisco. They drove around to a bunch of locations, called a variety of people as decoys and ultimately buried the briefcase in Lafayette Park.After the hide the money, the investigators treat this as a real investigation, which actually surprises me. They decide that Raul is the Alpha and Paul is the weak link, which turns...



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