Review: 'The Change-Up' Hides Formula Under Gross Humor

If you've ever wondered what Freaky Friday would have been like with toilet humor and frequent uses of the F-word, then The Change-Up is a movie for you.

For everyone else, once you get past the film's adult content - it definitely earns its "R" rating - what's left is a formulaic body switch thriller that even the generally likeable Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman can't raise above average.

The trailers for The Change-Up pretty much give you the gist of the film. Family man Dave Lockwood (Bateman) is best friends with unrepentant bachelor Mitch Planko (Reynolds). Both of them have things to envy about each other's lives - Dave misses the freedom of singlehood, while Mitch yearns for the stability of Dave's home and career. One drunken night, the words "I wish I had your life" leave their lips and the two wake up the next day having switched bodies. What ensues is largely a comedy of errors as the two spend time in each other's shoes, each of them realizing things about the other - and themselves - along the way. Read More...


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