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Warehouse 13 turns Jeri Ryan into the queen of her own collective [Video]

It's pretty cheeky for a show to get Star Trek: Voyager's Jeri Ryan as a guest star, and then to turn her into a version of the Borg Queen for half an hour or so... although at least Ryan herself remained unBorged. Still, it was... fascinating.

Spoilers for last night's Warehouse 13 ahead...

We've said all along that Warehouse 13's greatest strength comes from its characters, and it appears the show's writers are taking that sentiment to heart, writing a lot of character development and strong relationships into the episodes. And last night's episode was largely devoted to character development, with only the thinnest layers of plot — which could easily have gone way overboard into navel-gazey-land, but managed to work surprisingly well. Read More...



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