PRETTY LITTLE LIARS “Save the Date” Review

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS "Save the Date" Season 2 Episode 8 – On this week’s PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, one liar lands in the hospital, two liars pretend to be candy stripers, and the fourth liar has her heart broken, again, by her father. Just another day in Rosewood. Let’s take it character by character, shall we?

Emily – The commenter who predicted that A was poisoning Emily was right on. A little growth hormone in your Icy Hot and the next thing you know, you are accused of taking steroids and all your dreams are shattered. Good thing Emily’s dad flew all the way back from Texas to take care of the renter’s alarm issues. Isn’t it also convenient that just as Emily was going to tell him about the Danby faux letter, her father decided to tell her she can pretty much give up swimming if it makes her happy? What I was unclear about was whether making her happy meant staying in Rosewood if there is no swmming scholarship. What do you think? Read More...


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