Eureka "Up In the Air" Review

The floating things in the opening of Eureka were the visual that got me hooked, way back when they were showing promos for the show. And finally, after lo, these many years, we have an episode that reflects that! I clapped! I actually sat on my couch and applauded! And the floating bank was not the only reason why. In "Up In the Air," we've got heavy metals lifting items into the air. Items like banks, Carter's always, the pesky science problem is solved at the end of the day, but the relationships around it are the real story. And the humor. Please leave comments and tell me if you agree, but I think Felicia Day has breathed new life into what was already a great show. It seems like everyone has just stepped up their game in terms of comedy. Carter was all about the pratfalls this week. I mean, really goofy, funny old style comedy goodness. From the moment he learned about a nice normal bank robbery and reacted with glee to falling all over a tilting bank, he was hysterical. His exchanges with Holly were priceless. "Someone put her in front of a cartoon," might have been my favorite line of the night. Well, that or Zane's, "I was eleven once," when talking about being an astronaut.  Read More...


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