Eureka: "Glimpse" Review

The Generalissimo is in Eureka! Yes, Stan Lee appeared on this week's Eureka, and he brought his gamma ray technology to audition for the shot to Titan. I believe I've read something about what his gamma ray technology does to people. Not good if you have anger issues. God, I love that man! 

In fact, this episode was a nerd fest of epic proportions. (Just finished another one. Something called the San Diego Comic-Con. Perhaps you've heard of it?) This week we had Wil Wheaton playing the jerky smart guy (kind of adorable since he's really quite nice), the wonderful Felicia Day, an X-Men reference (got to do Marvel with Stan Lee in the house) , a Guild nod (killing orcs at M.I.T.) and a sort of a holodeck, which leads us right back to Wil. Did I miss any?  Read More...


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