Does 'Green Lantern 2' really need to be 'darker' and 'edgier'?

When I read the piece over at the LA Times todayabout "Green Lantern 2" and the direction they're allegedly heading with it, my first thought is "They learned nothing from the first film."I'm aware that some people actually liked the first movie.  I'm mystified by it, but I accept that to some people, it was acceptable.  I found the entire thing deeply frustrating for reasons I explained at length in my review when the film was released, but I also understand the inevitability of Warner Bros. trying to figure out how to squeeze more life out of the franchise.

I'm not exactly sure how it's news that Warner Bros. wants to move forward without Martin Campbell attached as director.  Campbell made it quite clear, even before the first film opened, that he wasn't going to return for a sequel.  Looking at the article today, though, it seems that Warner Bros. took all the wrong lessons away from the film, and it makes me think that when and if they make a sequel, it's going to be just as bad if not worse. Read More...


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