Eureka turns up the comedy with the ultimate bank robbery [Tv Recap]

Last night's Eureka was one of the funniest episodes in a while — Carter is forced to endure disappearing banks, floating jeeps, obnoxious geniuses, and, most terrifyingly, out-of-shape physicists. And somewhere, amid all the hijinks, an evil plot is brewing.

Spoilers ahead...

For one wonderful, glorious moment, Carter thinks it's his lucky day - he gets to investigate a bank robbery! Much to his displeasure, it turns out this isn't a typical bank robbery: the entire bank has mysteriously vanished. His investigations ultimately reveal that the bank wasn't stolen. Instead, it's levitating high in the air, thanks to a newly deposited Higgs field disruptor negating its mass... and, if Carter doesn't stop it, the mass of everything in Eureka.

While Carter grows increasingly aggravated with the town's super-science wackiness, the rest of the cast is busy prepping for the Astraeus mission to Titan, which this week means some harsh physical training at the hands of Lupo. But it's Allison who has the most to deal with - she's losing time and doing things she has no memory of, all under the secret control of Eureka's arch-nemesis Beverly Barlowe. Read More...


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