COVERT AFFAIRS “Sad Professor” Review

COVERT AFFAIRS "Sad Professor" Season 2 Episode 9 - When Mark – Annie’s professor andadvisor from Georgetown – is murdered, she learns that he was a CIA operative looking into a Pakistani spy ring. Mark delivered monthly updates to the CIA but he was killed before he could deliver his last, suspected to be a list of the US-based spies, and so the race is on to find it. Problem is, the list is on a microdot – a minute disc that can easily take the place of a period on an otherwise prosaic document.

Annie eventually finds the microdot on a copy of Mark’s wedding vows, but to get to that point she had to reveal his double-life to his wife of fifteen years, Safia. The situation is made even worse when Safia is briefly suspected of being a Pakistani spy herself. But all is eventually cleared up, the Pakistani spies are caught, and Safia and Annie attend Mark’s memorial at the CIA headquarters.

Meanwhile, Danielle continues on her mission to find out why Annie’s job is so demanding. First she follows Annie to work and ends up on the receiving end of Annie’s evasive driving. Then she tries to visit Annie at the Smithsonian and is dealt with by the ever awesome Auggie, who tells Danielle that Annie is on the frontline of the war against art funding cuts. It seems to placate her, but Mark’s death has left Annie feeling even more guilty about deceiving Danielle. Will she reveal all? Read More...


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