Air Master Season 1, Episodes 25 to 27 Review

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The finale to Air Master is, unsurprisingly, fairly unfulfilling. The anime ran through part of 2004 and the manga itself, clocking in at twenty-eight volumes, finished out in 2006. A show like this can end at a good point where you feeling things have progressed and even with a Å“chapter one feeling to a larger story that makes you want more but still feel satisfied. Air Master doesn't quite get there and instead leaves you unfulfilled about the Fukamichi Rankings as they stand but then they introduce something else to the show that really catches your attention and makes you want to know more. And know more now.

The final three episodes of the show are pretty good, but it almost feels like they started to put some stuff in just to try and change the structure a bit for the big finale. The opening is a lot of fun as we get Konishi and Julietta going at it, though Konishi is really too undeveloped at this point to really get behind. The fun in watching it revolves around seeing Julietta pushed more than he has been in the past, and seeing what it is that motivates him to really succeed. Naked Maki isn't exactly the kind of fanservice most people are looking for, but that they go there with a naked scene of her both in reality and in Julietta's dreams is really nicely done and provides something we hadn't seen in the show. The sequence in Maki's place really feels awkward to say the least, but it does fit in with the way Julietta has been presented at times.

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