'Bachelor Pad' Sneak Peeks: Let the Sex Games Begin

Last season, Bachelor Pad began with a children's game. But it took almost no time at all for those original Bachelor cast-off contestants to turn an innocent game of Twister into a dirty leer and grope-fest. It was disturbing, yet unsurprising -- inevitable, even. But it was still extra-gross, watching a playtime favorite of our youth turned into a veritable orgy appetizer.

Even though I'm looking forward to watching and documenting this season about as much as I'd like to be trapped on a desert island with Jake Pavelka, I've got to hand it to Bachelor Pad on one thing: This time around, the producers have done away with any pretense that this show is about anything but sex. Well, sex and lies (mostly regarding sex), and money (which you attempt to win through sexual manipulation), and crying (because the person you want to have sex with wants to have sex with someone else). That kind of honesty is refreshing, if still mostly horrifying.  Read More...



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