'Big Brother 13': Brendon the martyr, Rachel the 'fairytale princess'


What's new in the "Big Brother 13" house? Well, for starters, Brendon and Rachel are pretty gross. Post-NominationsIn the wake of Daniele nominating Brenchel for eviction, Rachel sniffles and snorffles her way through a Diary Room session where she word-salads something about coming back at Daniele with the undefeated Excaliber. I love Rachel is just enough in the world to know about stuff, but not actually smart enough to say it right.As the plinky-plunky strains of romance play, Brendon reminds Rachel that "if [he] were to go home, [they're] going to be married for the rest of their lives." Makes me want to heave. Brendon then takes his turn crying in the Diary Room. I love how Stockholm Syndrome-y these people get in this game. Brenchel are crying together in the Asylum Room - I also love how people act like how once someone gets evicted, the producers, like, shoot them in the head or...



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