'Love in the Wild': 'I'd rather go home than be with you'


Last week became mildly interesting after the forced switcheroo on "Love in the Wild," but by the end, all the couples were back with each other. What will they do this week to make this show interesting? More alcohol? Knife fights? Knife fights with alcohol? We can only hope.Post-Couples' ChoiceSteele freaks out about "the armadillo." Not "an" armadillo, but apparently "the" one that comes around all the time. And he says it like, "The serial killer's out here." Meanwhile, perpetual dysfunctional relationship Ben and Brandee are back to their old ways, as she says this is a probationary period, but also calls him "Benny Boo." The ChallengeThere are five stone masks hidden around at very locations. Host Darren says the winners will be "treated like a British Royal" at the Oasis. So ... they'll get chased by crazy paparazzi and be married off to someone they're distantly related to? Par-tay!They each get maps, but each...



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