Big Brother 13: The Joke's On You, Brendon

Tonight's Big Brother was all about playing a game of bluff, but someone forgot to tell Brendon the rules of the game because he really sucks at it.

Most of the night dealt with Brendon and Rachel crying and slobbering (not necessarily in that order) all over each other while vowing revenge on Daniele, the wicked queen in their growingly, vomitous Disney fairytale. I'm all for true love, but seriously there is a limit. While the two love birds acted out a bad deleted scene out of a decent Cameron Crowe flick, Jeff was working the paranoid circuit as he was dead set on Daniele possibly backdooring him this week. Seems like all that smack talk from the previous week has firmly bit all four power Vets in the ass, making them choose their words wisely this time around. Again, my have the mighty have fallen. Read More...


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