'Big Brother' recap: Bukie of the Year

"I'm gonna invent something that's gonna cure cancer" is what Brendon promised Rachel in the early moments of last night's Big Brother. Keep in mind: This was Brendon trying to prove that he has a rock-solid five-year plan for the couple's financial future. In the same conversation, Brendon tried to tell Rachel that her heart was a wonderful thing, because it rests behind her mediastinum. He's a Ph.D. student, remember.

This is how you know that we have reached the glorious moment in this season of Big Brotherwhen the long weeks of relentless paranoia, solar radiation, and Rachel's wounded-emu laughter have begun to drive everyone in the Big Brother house totally crazy. Like, Lord of the Flies crazy. Like, I'm pretty sure that Brendon has taken to raiding Jeff's clothes drawer. Fellow viewers, you all noticed that they were wearing absolutely identical outfits during the veto challenge, right? I have a theory -- which I can't prove because my cruel corporate overseers won't allow me to watch the onlineBig Brother feeds 24 hours a day -- that Brendon has been quietly going all Single White Female on Jeff. Like, I'm pretty sure conversations like this have been happening over on Big Brother After Dark: Read More...



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